IAB英国 groups offer our members regular opportunities to come together with other leading members of the industry to network, 分享想法, 合作应对挑战, 并解决重大的行业问题

The groups offer a forum for IAB英国 members to develop 标准 and deliver educational and inspiring resources about their specialisms, which could not be achieved by one company alone. 

To find out more about our groups or to get involved email (电子邮件保护)



This group aims to drive the growth of Audio by showcasing the proven efficacy of the channel and bringing clarity to buying and measurement 最佳实践.

了解更多关于数字音频的信息 在这里.

该组织由凯瑟琳·克里宾领导. 联系电话: c(电子邮件保护)



The role of the 创造者的营销 group is to establish 创造者的营销 as a fundamental part of the wider media mix by championing its effectiveness and educating the industry.

这个小组由康妮·霍克领导. 联系电话: (电子邮件保护)



The 连接电视 Group’s role is to facilitate collaboration, 提供教育, and aid standardisation within the CTV channel.

这个小组由康妮·霍克领导. 联系电话: (电子邮件保护)



to drive the growth of DOOH by demonstrating its effectiveness as a channel, 在全渠道战略中, and promoting the capabilities of programmatic DOOH.

了解更多关于DOOH的信息 在这里.

这个组织由阿米莉亚·劳埃德领导. 联系电话: (电子邮件保护)



to support the growth of advertising in 游戏 by promoting the opportunity to brands, showcasing the efficacy of the channel and aligning 游戏 to other media channels.

了解更多关于游戏的信息 在这里.

这个组织由阿米莉亚·劳埃德领导. 联系电话: (电子邮件保护)


包容、多样性 & 股本  

The aim of this group is to work towards building a digital advertising industry that is for everybody by making diversity and inclusion a priority across the sector.

成员 分担工作 他们在这个领域所做的, collaborate to produce useful best practice guides and learn about relevant initiatives. 

This group is for anyone who has an active role in implementing inclusion, diversity and equity plans within their business and can contribute to the conversation to share learnings. 了解更多关于包容性,多样性 & 股本集团 在这里.

这个组织由索菲娅·海恩斯领导. 联系电话: (电子邮件保护) 



The 洞察力 Group provides a forum for members to gain an in depth understanding of IAB research initiatives, 在适当的情况下为项目提供建议, and discuss challenges with a like-minded audience.

联系电话: (电子邮件保护)



This group is for IAB members who work in the North of the UK, and its role is to promote and support the digital industry in the North.  

这个组织由帕特尔将军领导. 联系电话: (电子邮件保护)


监管事务 & 公共政策

IAB英国’s Regulatory Affairs Group works to promote a policy environment that will support a sustainable digital advertising industry. 

Areas covered include industry self-regulation, the Government’s Online Advertising Programme, 数据保护改革, 网络安全, HFSS和透明度.

This group is led by our 政策 and Regulatory Affairs team. 欲了解更多信息,请联系 (电子邮件保护) 



The role of the IAB英国 零售媒体 Group is to influence the direction of the industry by both shining a spotlight on retail media and educating the market about opportunities in the space.

了解更多关于零售媒体的信息 在这里.

该组织由凯瑟琳·克里宾领导. 联系电话: c(电子邮件保护)



The 搜索 Group’s role is to ensure the market maintains its investments in search and continues to embrace the latest innovations within search marketing. 

该组织由凯瑟琳·克里宾领导. 联系电话: c(电子邮件保护)



The 社会 Group’s role is to ensure investment in paid social, providing education and evidence to promote its benefits and effectiveness throughout the funnel. 

这个组织由帕特尔将军领导. 联系电话: (电子邮件保护)



The aim of this group is to help IAB英国 members understand how they can best reduce their carbon emissions and fulfil their environmental commitments in the digital media supply chain. 成员 collaborate to produce best practice guidance, 分享他们在这个空间所做的工作, learn about relevant initiatives and work to create standardisation in a fast-developing ecosystem. The group is open to all IAB英国 members and ideal for team members who take an active role in determining and influencing their company’s climate strategy.

了解更多关于可持续发展小组的信息 在这里.

这个组织由索菲娅·海恩斯领导. 联系电话: 索菲娅@gzlh17.com



发布第三方Cookie (P3PC)

This taskforce will consult with IAB英国 members regarding the solutions looking to address a "cookieless" world. It will act both as a sounding board for the IAB’s work in this area, as well as pushing the industry’s conversations around the future of targeting forwards. The taskforce will be critical to the P3PC outputs created by IAB英国. 

联系电话: (电子邮件保护)



The purpose of the Gold Standard Group is to help steer the development of the dsn彩乐园网址 via a process of consulting, 提供意见和建议. Its focus will span all areas of the dsn彩乐园网址 including brand safety, 用户体验, 广告欺诈,数据和隐私. The group will feed into the evolution of the dsn彩乐园网址, 包括任何必要的更新-例如, 透明度 & 同意架构更新. 

To join the dsn彩乐园网址 Group, it is necessary to either be a certified dsn彩乐园网址 2.1名会员或注册为认证会员.

联系电话: (电子邮件保护)





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