GDPR & ICO resources

Here you’ll find all our resources on the EU’s data protection framework and the latest on what we’re doing to address concerns raised by the ICO’s ad tech report


Latest from the ICO

Find out what individual companies and the wider industry need to address in order to meet the standards of GDPR. 

GDPR Resources

IAB Europe TCF 2.0

IAB Europe’s second iteration of the Transparency and Consent Framework is here to help your business with GDPR.


GDPR Checklist

Our 12 point checklist on all things you need to be prepared for GDPR. 

Policy responses

Full Briefing

Our extensive report on what GDPR means for you.   

Our response to the ICO's ad tech & RTB report

Read our response to the ICO’s findings about the use of personal data in real-time bidding.

Addressing the ICO’s ‘Update Report’


Digital Advertising Guidance: LIAs under the UK GDPR

Guidance on how to conduct a Legitimate Interests Assessment; a legal requirement if you want to rely on legitimate interests to process personal data.


Digital Advertising Guide: cookies, consent & the GDPR

As part of our actions to address the ICO’s ‘Update report’, this guide covers the rules relating to cookies and other similar technologies for digital advertising. 


Digital Advertising Guide: special category data & the GDPR

What is special category data, how might it arise in digital advertising, and what are the restrictions on its processing under the GDPR?

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Digital Advertising Guide: DPIAs under the GDPR

Data protection impact assessments: When are they required? And what does a good DPIA process look like for the digital advertising industry?

IAB Tech Lab launch Content and Audience Taxonomy updates

The new updates provide safeguards to reduce the risk of special category data arising within RTB.


Further reading

Below you can view all of our responses to the ICO and DCMS regarding the General Data Protection Regulation, and read case studies from our members explaining what they worked on to ensure they were compliant before GDPR kicked in. 

For more information on the latest policy developments, you can see the policy hub

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